Tips For Making Your Paint Job A Masterpiece

When looking at your walls in your home, there will come a point where they seem dirty, grungy and just dull.  When this happens there will come a point in my mind that you will want to create an updated look and feel.  The problem with this is that many people don’t know where to start and don’t really have the skills to paint a wall, so it looks professional done and clean.  This is where residential painting services wyoming pa come in.

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Prepping your surface

Before you start painting you need to prep the surface of the wall.  This for most people will be where they see how bad their walls really are.  In the prepping process you will remove all the pictures, nails and any other objects from your walls.  You will then wipe down your walls with a damp rag to remove any dust or dirt that has accumulated. 

Once your walls are clean and clear you will want to fill in any holes.  This can be done with a spackle compound that you easily place over the holes which will make your walls smooth and remove imperfections.


The next step is painting. Once your walls are done, you will want to start painting.  You will start by cutting into the edges.  This is where you will go over the room with a brush where the walls meet the floor and ceiling and in hard to reach areas where the roller won’t hit.


The final step in the painting job is the touchup.  This is where you will go over and look at your walls and make sure there are no drips, blank spots or areas that could use extra paint.  Once everything is good all it to try and when your wall is completely dry you can start hanging pictures and making the room look and feel like it had before.