5 Summer Safety Tips to Keep Yourself Safe

We’re more active during the summer when the weather outside is nice. That leaves people more prone to accidents and injuries. Rather than missing the summer fun because you are injured, take the time to learn how to stay safe. The following give tips are among the many simple strategies that can keep you safe all summer long.

1.    Pest Control: Pests like mosquitos and ticks come out during the summer and cause a nuisance to most of us. Take action against pests now and hire professionals to provide mosquito and tick control garner. You’ll have far more peace of mind when you spray for pests.

2.    Water Safety: Always be water-wise if you are headed to the swimming pool, lake, beach or water hole. Take a swimming course if you don’t swim already. Always go with a friend to pay water holes and use common sense. Water can and is dangerous. Play it safe.

3.    Sunscreen: It is hot outside and the sun is soaring down.  Protect yourself against the UV rays from the sun by applying sunscreen with an SPF-15 or better every four hours that you spent outdoors and after getting out of the water.

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4.    Hat and Sunglasses: Along with wearing sunscreen when you go outdoors, it is important that you arm yourself with the protection of sunglasses and a hat. You need to protect your eyes and head from damage as well as the remainder of your body!

5.    Stay Away: Lots of unidentified animals come out during the summer and some that we know very well. Stay away from them all. If you see a bear or a tiger it could be a bad day. The same goes if you touch or approach an animal that you cannot identify.